Sattva Yoga

SATTVA Yoga is about balancing the body, breath and mind. It is the fusion of two paths: Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Each class incorporates the study of breath work, focus on alignment and asanas (postures) and mediation. All classes are taught by Certified Instructors. Classes take place in our Palapa, just in front of

Jordan & Don

Cuando se dice “boda en la playa”, la mayoría de la gente piensa  en  arena blanca y conchas marinas en un ambiente  informal. Jordan y Don, sin embargo, han demostrado que se puede tener una boda en la playa y hacer que sea tan lujosa como cualquier celebración en un salón elegante.  Tomen el tiempo

Yoga at Bahia del Sol

Imagine moving through Sun Salutation in front of the ocean, as the sound of the waves gently dance with your ujjayi breathing. Dreams become reality at Bahia del Sol, the perfect place for a yoga retreat. One of the very few hotels directly on the beach in Costa Rica, our open-aired yoga dojo is just