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SATTVA Yoga is about balancing the body, breath and mind. It is the fusion of two old paths: Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. As part of its commitment to education, each visitor interested will be welcomed by Colleen.

Yoga classes are available to all guests of the Bahia del Sol  and external clients,  according the following  schedule:
- Monday 6pm
-Tuesday 9am
-Thursday 9am
-Saturday 9am
Classes are appropriate for all levels including beginners. Also, Private classes are available upon request.

General Benefits:

Circulation - The oxygen gives life to all body cells. The yoga is beneficial, thanks to its postures that increase blood circulation in the areas that are usually not taken care of, like articulations, connective tissues and internal organs.
Detox - During the yoga class, you will sweat, breathe deeply, increase the circulation, massages and stimulates the organs of elimination. Practicing yoga regularly is a very efficient detox method.

Strength and Flexibility - the postures in yoga help strengthen and enlarge the connective tissues of the body through physical postures called asanas that have been practiced for thousands of years. If you are flexible or rigid, weak or strong, yoga can transform your body and mind, and improve your general health.
Stress relieve - chronic stress and tension can lead to serious disease. Regular yoga practice will calm the body and the mind; will stimulate the immune system and will help eliminate toxins generated by stress.

Breathing control - the quality of our breathing reflects how we feel. When we are mad, our breathing tends to be fast and not deep.

When we are in a good mood, our breathing is slow and deep. We can learn to control our breathing through the practice of yoga, keeping a consistent deep breathing through all the postures.

Weight loss - Practicing yoga regularly can help reduce appetite and promote a better nutrition. Yoga cleanses the body, boosts the metabolism, stimulates the elimination of residues and reduces cravings.

Aerobic benefits - aerobic exercise is when the heart rate is kept during twenty or more minutes. Aerobic activities are particularly useful to strengthen the heart, burn excess fat and boost the metabolism of the body. Yoga can mean a great session of aerobic exercise, but it depends on you and your participation level.


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