Palapa Bar

The perfect place to enjoy colorful sunsets

book now!

The perfect place to enjoy colorful sunsets. Book now!

Its privileged beachfront location, overlooking Catalinas Islands,  makes of this place the perfect spot to be impressed by the spectacular sunsets every evening, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy  nature while you enjoy your favorite drink.

For having a great time, join us twice a month to enjoy the "Viernes de Bahía", theme parties, great music and exquisite food right in front of the beach.

Also, Palapa Lounge, is the most beautiful location in Guanacate to organize romantic weddings. Imagine your ceremony during sunset at Potrero beach and then sharing your dream with your guests at a very original reception under the stars.

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Palapa Lounge Schedule 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm




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